Ancient Lake

Ancient Lake S/T E.P. (

Based in London Ancient Lake offer up a colorful collection of cinematic songs on their self titled debut E.P. The gliding feel of “East River Bend” sets the pace with it’s sparkling tones, radiant vocals and rich shoegaze nuances. It takes you back to the late nights watching 120 minutes in the early 90’s but puts a modern spin on things that gives the band a sound all their own. The more easygoing “Second Skin” creates a lulling mood that moves nicely alongside it’s shuffling rhythm while the jangling guitars that flow throughout “Empty Like Valleys” are truly second to none. An impressive and beautiful debut from beginning to end that leaves me wanting more.

Ancient Lake are Max, Jake, Sam and Ben Barry and have all been part of the Marchmont Flats Team – we wish them every success.