We are reporting an incident involving two of our flats where another resident living in the stair has objected to bikes. It was claimed that there are restrictions as to the number of bikes, on the grounds that it breaches fire and various other HMO regulations etc. You can see a copy of the notice below.

Please note that this is not correct and there are no such regulations which apply to bikes. The only requirement is that you must not block the passageway to the street as this is the main fire escape from the building. If you encounter anyone in your stair trying to impose regulations about bikes or anything else please let us know right away.

In some stairs there is another stair case leading to the back garden. Access to the garden via this stair is never classified as a fire escape and during the Winter Months is therefore an excellent place to store bikes. Please note that other residents may use this in May to September for access to the back garden, grass cutting etc.


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