Enquiry Information: 6 January 2013

This information has been prepared for all parties enquiring about our properties for 2013.

  • Marchmont Flats own and operates all of its properties
  • We are a specialist and only have 14 of the best quality flats in the most suitable locations
  • Our properties are all let out on 12 month tenancies commencing July 2013 to June 2014
  • We can extend tenancies to 2 years or more by arrangement
  • Our properties are for groups of 4 or 5 persons
  • We have 9 properties in Marchmont and 5 in Bruntsfield
  • All properties are let to entire groups. We do not let rooms on an individual basis
  • Our prices quoted are for occupancy only. Our weekly prices/person range from £95/110/person/week
  • We supply gas and electricity to each of our properties under separate agreement. The typical weekly cost of gas and electricity is around £8.50/person/week
  • Tenants are asked to make their own arrangements for internet services
  • Our properties are all handed over cleaned and inspected by independent contractors and Inventory Clerks

If you have a specific list of queries you would like to raise with us please e-mail us at: enquiries@marchmontflats.co.uk

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