Gas and Electricity Arrangements

The supply of gas and electricity to all our flats is managed by us on behalf of the supplier. There are considerable advantages for tenants in this regarding ease of administration, running costs etc.

Your monthly energy cost should be about £10 per person per week and there is therefore a fixed monthly charge of £40pp/per month throughout your tenancy for this.

The monthly charge is based on the estimated annual cost of average use, including fuel, standing charges and VAT. Estimated use is based on 20000Kwh of gas and 4500 Kwh of electricity.

Please note that this a budgetting scheme for convenience and that an adjustment is made on actual meter readings at the start and end of your tenancy.

Please note also that any tenant is responsible for the regulation of use and that Marchmont Flats is not responsible for the actual amounts of electricity and gas used by any tenant.

This adjustment can not be made until the end of your tenancy and can result in either a credit back or additional payment.

A calculation is made of actual cost at the end of your tenancy less any monthly payments to account and the difference applied to the fuel deposit. We aim to reconcile and settle any fuel deposits within 30 days of the end of the tenancy.

The supply of fuel is by separate contract from our parent organisation and is entirely separate from any tenancy or occupancy arrangement. The supplier reserves the right to require a deposit for the separate supply of fuel at a rate of £200/person.

Our parent organisation is an authorised reseller of Gas and Electricity which falls under rules set by OFGEM. These change from time to time and the right to amend procedures and administration is therefore fully reserved.