Gas and Electricity (G&E)

We get questions regularly about this so we are trying to set out a simple explanation how this works:

  • Our parent organisation is an authorised reseller of Gas and Electricity.
  • In practical terms we handle the supply and administration of G&E to all our flats.
  • This saves the tents the hassle of tenants setting up their own accounts, credit checks, pre-paid meters etc and is a huge practical advantage.
  • We charge £35/month/person (£8/pp/pwk) – straight line – throughout your tenancy as an “estimate” of average use with an adjustment at the end based on actual readings.
  • Our estimates are based on a lot of experience, but we must stress this is only an average.
  • We get groups each year who achieve below or above average.
  • The estimate is based on average fuel consumption of 20,000Kwh of Gas and 4000Kwh of Electricity. These estimates are based on factual data for comfortable living conditions with plenty of heat and HW.
  • The scheme has been in place for a few years and has been a huge practical advantage to all tenants.
  • Our flats all have modern, efficient boiler systems.