How to book/reserve a flat

We operate a stage process for all new tenancies

  1. Stage 1 – we come to a verbal agreement with a group to lease a particular property – the property concerned then gets designated Under Offer on the EH9/EH10 website
  2. Stage 2 – payment of reservation of £750/flat – for a group of 5 this £150 each and for a 4 this is £187.50 each. We request payment to be made by internet banking transfer and will give you the details required. When any payment is received we mark the flat as reserved
  3. Stage 3 we arrange lease completion details

Once we reach stage1/2 you have a firm booking with us subject to completing a lease and application procedures within 10 days.

Please note that any Reservation is applied to any end tenancy charges involved in returning the property at the end of your lease to the standard handed over to you at the beginning.

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