Viewings Bulletin – evening – 17th Jan

We had 14 individual group viewings today (about 70 individual visits) concentrating on the Marchmont 5’s at 82 Strathearn Road. In no order of preference our Thanks to

  • everyone who came on this very cold day
  • existing tenants for being so accommodating
  • the Marchmont flats viewing team who we hope looked after you all well

Following this and other viewings this week there are verbal agreements on 2 flats and these will now be marked as Under Offer on the eh9 website.

Separate posts will be made on other matters which arose during the viewings e.g.

  • how to book/reserve a flat
  • how the viewings season evolves over the next few weeks
  • Gas & Electricity arrangements – we may refer to these as G&E in any future posts
  • Deposits
  • Maintenance and Service during any tenancy with Marchmont Flats

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